Make less Options Permanent (or: the Missing .lessrc)

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The missing $HOME/.lessrc

I often wondered how I could make certain options for less permanent, like -I, for example, which will make search case insensitive. In GNU/Linux, preferences are often stored in rc files. For vim we have .vimrc, for Bash .bashrc, etc:

$ find "$HOME" -maxdepth 1 -name '*rc'

Environment variable LESS

So, it would make sense to expect a .lessrc. But there is none. Instead, we define a environment variable LESS. My .bashrc:

export LESS="IFRSX"


  • -I: ignore case when searching
  • -F: quit immediately when the entire file fits in one screen (in effect, mimic cat’s behavior)
  • -R: enable colored output (for example, when piping to less from diff --color=always)
  • -S: truncate long lines instead of wrapping them to the next line
  • -X: don’t clear screen on exit

See man 1 less for all options.

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  1. You can compile your preferences into a ~/.less file by using `lesskey`command: you need to insert your preferences into a ~/.lesskey file which will be compiled by `lesskey` to ~/.less file.

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